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JURY 2022

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Feature Film Competition Jury


Jano Rosebiani

Jury President

American director of Kurdish origin. Winner of numerous international awards and included in the list of 35 best  world cinematographers in the book by Belgian celebrity photographer Chris De Witte.

Donat Keusch - portrait.jpg

Donat Keusch

Jury member

Founder and CEO of DFK Films. Writer, screenwriter, story editor, producer/consultant investor, and visiting professor at several film schools.


Salim Omar Khalifa

Jury member

The Belgian-Kurdish filmmaker has earned 96 international awards during his career. His work not only won over the jury at the Berlin Film Festival, but also received well-deserved nominations at the prestigious Oscar.

Documentary Film Competition Jury


Ebrahim Saidi

Jury President

Editor, director and photographer was educated at the Tehran University of the Arts in the field of cinema. Since 1997, Saidi has mounted many

short and feature films.

Ekrem Heydo.jpg

Ekrem Heydo

Jury member

Kurdish-Syrian filmmakerliivng in Germany. His first film "Halabja - Lost Children" participated in many festivals and received many awards, including "Best Film" and "Best Director" at the Gulf Awards, "Best Documentary" at the Yılmaz Guney Film Festival.


Yilmaz Özdil

Jury member

Film director and screenwriter. Received a master's degree in film industry from the Sorbonne University (Paris, France). In 2013, Özdil defended his Ph.D. thesis entitled "Visual Construction of Kurdish Identity in Cinema" at the same Sorbonne University.

Short Fiction Film Competition Jury


Rezan Yesilbash

Jury President

A talented director, a graduate of the Faculty of Film and Television of the University of Marmara. In 2011, he directed the film Silence, which won the Palme d'Or for Best Short Film at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival.


Tofigh Amani

Jury member

Director and editor of Kurdish-Iranian origin. Winner of the PORTO Film Festival (Portugal) and the CORTO IN BRA Film Festival (Italy) in 2009. Edited over 50 films. He currently teaches cinema at the Iranian Young Film Society.


Harman Muhammad Taher

Jury member

TV presenter, actor and producer. Since 1998 he has been working for Kurdistan TV. He is a member of the International Union of Journalists and the American Society for the Development of Cinema. Harman teaches a TV production course for the Dohuk Cultural Directorate.

Short Documentary Film Competition Jury


Elena Korzhaeva

Chairman jurAnd

Executive director of festival promotion company films "CINEPROMO", general producer of the International Open Youth Festival of Television Programs and Films "Telemania", established by the Film and Television Institute (GITR).

image-2019-06-29 22_28_35.jpg

Nazim Nadirov

Jury member

Orientalist, music producer, writer, journalist, DJ under the pseudonym dj dr Ethno, Arbakesh. Founder of Manas Records label.  Nadirov is the owner of the National Name Award in the field of broadcasting for the best cultural program of Russia (2000).


Andrey Ulyanin

Jury member

Content director of SHOT TV channel, jammed with the selection of short films for broadcast. He is a graduate of the Faculty of International Journalism of MGIMO. Ulyanin was a participant in the largest European short film festival in Clermont Ferrand (France).

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